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The English Gate School of Cantù is a private Innovative School ca­ter­ing for pu­pils from 1 to 13 years old, including Early Years, Primary and Middle School.

Our cur­riculum is based on the Brit­ish Na­tional Cur­riculum with an integration of the Italian Programma Ministeriale in order to keep and value the knowledge of the Italian culture and language.

The English Gate School welcomes all of its students in an inspiring, caring and stimulating academic atmosphere where the students’ development is built and enriched in a friendly, safe and happy environment.

Since its foundation in 2010 the English Gate School has grown and taken its place amongst the leading schools in the province of Milan, Monza, Como and Lecco guaranteeing the highest teaching standards.

The School also promotes individual interest in coding, music, arts, language, sports and drama; reinforced by the superior technology and resources provided by the school’s facilities and taught by carefully selected and qualified teachers.

Although the school firmly believes in the importance of traditional values and standards, we are committed to embracing the opportunities of modern educational methods and technological advances, preparing students to face today’s world with confidence and competence, wherever their future educational endeavors may take them.


Improving Life Through Education is our passion and mission.

Our name itself tells everyone about our mission which aims to “open doors” for our students in the walk of life offering what is best in the Education Field; Creativity, Innovation, Vision.

Our Mission is to offer all our students the best start in their education by providing a friendly, caring and inspiring academic atmosphere. In a safe, happy and nurturing environment, students develop a genuine love for learning, discovery and success.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves and guarantee the highest teaching and communication standards with the attempt of meeting our families’ expectations.

If you are a parent who is looking for the best education for your child in an innovative, stimulating environment based on the love for teaching, a visit to our school is highly recommended to experience the unique atmosphere of English Gate School. We look forward to welcoming you to our Campus.


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